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Understanding the Complexity of Metaclasses and their Practical Applications

Metaprogramming is a collection of programming techniques which focus on ability of programs to introspect themselves, understand their own code and modify themselves. Such approach to programming gives programmers a lot of power and flexibility. Without metaprogramming techniques, we probably wouldn’t have modern programming frameworks, or those frameworks would

The Top Skills for a Career in Datascience in 2021

Datascience is exploding in popularity due to how it’s tethered to the future of technology, supply-demand for high paying jobs and being on the bleeding edge of corporate culture, startups and innovation! Students from South and East Asia especially can fast track lucrative technology careers

Data Science Trends of the Future 2022

Photo credit: Unsplash. Data Science is an exciting field for knowledge workers because it increasingly intersects with the future of how industries, society, governance and policy will function. While it’s one of those vague terms thrown around a lot for students, it’s actually fairly simple

Malawi News Classification -An NLP Project

Classifying Malawi News articles into 19 different classes using SMOTE and SGDClassifier. Introduction Text classification is common among the application that we use on daily basis. For example, email providers use text classification to filter out spam emails from your inbox. The other most common use

Identifying The Language of A Document Using NLP!

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon Introduction The goal of this article is to identify the language from the written text. The text in documents is available in many languages and when we don’t know the language it becomes very

Performing Sentiment Analysis Using Twitter Data!

Photo by Daddy Mohlala on Unsplash Data is water, purifying to make it edible is a role of Data Analyst – Kashish Rastogi We are going to clean the twitter text data and visualize data in this blog. Table Of Contents: Problem Statement Data Description

S2, A next generation data science toolbox

  We have created a language that is faster than python in every way, works with the entire Java ecosystem (such as the Spring framework, Eclipse and many more) and can be deployed into embedded devices seamlessly, allowing you to collect and process data from