Articles About data cleaning, pandas, datasets, etc.

S2, A next generation data science toolbox

  We have created a language that is faster than python in every way, works with the entire Java ecosystem (such as the Spring framework, Eclipse and many more) and can be deployed into embedded devices seamlessly, allowing you to collect and process data from pretty much any device you want even without internet. Our language comes built-in with mathematical libraries necessary for any data scientist, from basic math like Linear Algebra and Statistics to Digital Signal Processing and Time […]

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Python Data Tools

Python is an increasingly popular object-oriented, interpreted and interactive programming language used for heavy-duty data analysis. Python is designed for ease-of-use, speed, readability and tailored for data-intensive applications. Python supports multiple programming paradigms, including object-oriented, imperative and functional programming styles. It features a fully dynamic type system and automatic memory management, similar to that of Scheme, Ruby, Perl and Tcl.  You can create customized data tools using Python that can handle large data sets efficiently – it lets you work more quickly and […]

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Learn Python for Data Science from Scratch

Python is a multipurpose programming language and widely used for Data Science, which is termed as the sexiest job of this century. Data Scientist mine thru the large dataset to gain insight and make meaningful data driven decisions. Python is used as general purposed programming language and used for Web Development, Networking, Scientific computing etc. We will be discussing further about the series of awesome libraries in python such as numpy, scipy & pandas for data manipulation & wrangling and […]

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