My Favorite Way to Smooth Noisy Data With Python

Nearly all real-world data is noisy. What do I mean by noisy? Consider the following simple example: I’ve got a mass attached to a spring — I pull on the mass (stretching the spring) and then let go. From intuition, we know that the mass will oscillate up and down until it eventually comes to rest because of friction/damping in the system. If I were to plot the height of the mass over time I would get a plot like […]

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Fine-tuning GPT-3 Using Python for Keywords Classification

Have you been dreaming in high school when facing a huge study workload that one day, some sort of robots from the future can cover your programming homework, write articles, and answer your questions? I bet this idea has surely jumped into everybody’s mind at least once in our childhood. Well, guess what? With the help of advanced language models today, it’s not only a dream anymore!

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