Practical Metric Learning

This post is related to the recent release of a new open-source project called OpenMetricLearning (OML), and one of its goals is to lower the entry threshold for metric learning pipelines. We will briefly introduce the theory, discuss the examples in code and show how simple heuristics can perform on a level comparable with the current SotA. Since the project is new, each star on GitHub is essential for us.

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Microsoft Power BI and Python: Two Superpowers Combined

Microsoft Power BI is an interactive data analysis and visualization tool that’s used for business intelligence (BI) and that you can now script with Python. By combining these two technologies, you can extend Power BI’s data ingestion, transformation, augmentation, and visualization capabilities. In addition, you’ll be able to bring complex algorithms shipped with Python’s numerous data science and machine learning libraries to Power BI. Whether you’re new to Power BI, Python, or both, you’ll learn how to use them together. […]

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Everyday Project Packaging With pyproject.toml

Packaging is often associated with publishing a project on PyPI, which can make you bypass packaging as something you don’t need to worry about at the start of your project. Python packaging has also had a long history and can be overwhelming for all levels of programmers. But it doesn’t have to be a scary process! In this Code Conversation, you’ll follow a chat between Ian and Geir Arne demonstrating the relatively new, officially sanctioned way of setting up your […]

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