Learn Python for Data Science from Scratch

Python is a multipurpose programming language and widely used for Data Science, which is termed as the sexiest job of this century. Data Scientist mine thru the large dataset to gain insight and make meaningful data driven decisions. Python is used as general purposed programming language and used for Web Development, Networking, Scientific computing etc. We will be discussing further about the series of awesome libraries in python such as numpy, scipy & pandas for data manipulation & wrangling and matplotlib, seaborn & bokeh for data visualization.

So Python & R is just used as a tool for data science but for being a data scientist you need to know more about the statistical & mathematical aspects of the data and on top of everything a good domain knowledge is must.

In my this post I will pave the path for learning Data science with Python and will share some useful resources for learning it. Remember learning for data science is time taking stuff and cannot be completed in a month or so and it requires a lot of practice, dedication and self confidence. So never giveup and happy learning.


Python is an easy

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