Malawi News Classification -An NLP Project

Classifying Malawi News articles into 19 different classes using SMOTE and SGDClassifier.


Text classification is common among the application that we use on daily basis. For example, email providers use text classification to filter out spam emails from your inbox. The other most common use of text classification is in customer care where they use sentimental analysis to differentiate bad reviews from good reviews ADDI AI 2050. The modern use of text classification list goes on as we have excelled to more advanced formed of classification which includes multilanguage and multilabel classification 

mail spam classifier |malawi news classification
Text classification example of spam filter | ADDI AI 2050 


In recent years the English language text classification has come a long way, but training classification models on low resource language and varying lengths still pose difficulties. In this Zindi competition, we are provided with news articles written in




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