Identifying The Language of A Document Using NLP!

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon


The goal of this article is to identify the language from the written text. The text in documents is available in many languages and when we don’t know the language it becomes very difficult sometimes to tell this to google translator as well. For most translators, we have to tell both the input language and the desired language. If you had a text written in Spanish and you only know English or Hindi, how do you identify that the given text is in the Spanish language? So the aim of this; project is to allow users to identify six different languages using NLP(Natural Language Processing). In this article, we perform a comparative analysis between two different approaches concerning accuracy. This is one of the famous projects that every Data Science enthusiast needs to include in their resume.

Natural Language Processing: A Short Introduction To Get You Started | Identifying the language


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