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Data Science Trends of the Future 2022

Photo credit: Unsplash. Data Science is an exciting field for knowledge workers because it increasingly intersects with the future of how industries, society, governance and policy will function. While it’s one of those vague terms thrown around a lot for students, it’s actually fairly simple

Role of Machine Learning in Natural Language Processing

Introduction Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing are important subfields of Artificial Intelligence that have gained prominence in recent times. Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing play a very important part in making an artificial agent into an artificial ‘intelligent’ agent. An Artificially Intelligent system

Artificial Intelligence Demystified

Introduction Artificial Intelligence has become a very popular term today. There is sure to be at least one article in the newspaper daily on the revolutionary advancements made in the field. But, there seems to be some confusion about what AI really is. Is it


Gradient Descent in Python: Implementation and Theory

Introduction This tutorial is an introduction to a simple optimization technique called gradient descent, which has seen major application in state-of-the-art machine learning models. We’ll develop a general purpose routine to implement gradient descent and apply it to solve different problems, including classification via supervised

How I used NLP (Spacy) to screen Data Science Resumes

Resume making is very tricky. A candidate has many dilemmas, whether to state a project at length or just mention the bare minimum whether to mention many skills or just mention his/her core competency skill whether to mention many programming languages or just cite a