How I used NLP (Spacy) to screen Data Science Resumes

Resume making is very tricky. A candidate has many dilemmas,

  • whether to state a project at length or just mention the bare minimum
  • whether to mention many skills or just mention his/her core competency skill
  • whether to mention many programming languages or just cite a few
  • whether to restrict the resume to 2 pages or 1 page

These dilemmas are equally hard for Data Scientists looking for a change or even for aspiring Data Scientist.

Now before you wonder where this article is heading, let me give you the reason of writing this article.

The Context 

A friend of mine has his own Data Science consultancy. He recently bagged a good project which required him to hire 2 Data Scientist. He had put a job posting on LinkedIn and to his surprise he received close to 200 resumes. When I met him in person he remarked, “if only there was a way to select the best resumes out of this lot in


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