Why I Am Writing At Data Science Central, And Why You Should, Too

My writing engagement at Data Science Central came up unexpectedly. Back in August 2018, I stumbled upon an excellent write-up on Data Science Central. The author, Bill Vorhies, shared his thoughts on career transitioning toward data science. I wrote him an email, complimenting him on his blog post, and I dropped a few lines about my own transition. Here’s his response:

“Congratulations on your remarkable journey. Perhaps you’d like to write one or more articles around this theme as we get many inquiries from folks who wonder how or if they can make a mid-career transition into data science. If this appeals, let me know and I’ll send you the details on how to contribute.”

That’s how I got started.

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On August 30, I aired my first blog post on Data Science Central: “Career Transition Towards Data Analytics & Science. Here’s my Story”

Expect to meet and engage with exceptional people on Data Science Central

In response to my first write-up, I received dozens of comments, contact requests, and emails from readers. All of them were very encouraging, and I took every single opportunity

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