Let’s Understand How does a chatbot work ?


A technology that makes the interaction between humans and machines in natural language possible, is an Artificial Intelligence Chatbot! They act like a typical search engine but with more enhanced features. Applications of Artificial Intelligence Chatbots are spread over various domains including eCommerce, healthcare, education, travel, automation, finance, hospitality, insurance, and so on. The chatbots are domain-specific and do what they are intended for.  The applications in their domain include: answering customer queries, booking services like flights, movie tickets, product recommendation, feedback collection, reminders, bill payments, money transfers, and several others depending on the domain in which they are used.

Chatbots can be built from scratch or you can use existing frameworks offered. Some of the frameworks include Microsoft Bot Framework, Wit.ai, Dialogflow, IBM Watson, Pandorabots, and MobileMonkey. Rasa Stack is one such framework based on Machine Learning. Some of the features include Custom Models, Connect your APIs, Exact entities, Recognize Intents, and Full Data Control. The two main components of Rasa Stack are RASA NLU and RASA Core.  In this




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