Data Science In The Cloud With DataJoy

DataJoy is an unbelievably fantastic way for a working data scientist to have their favorite tools at hand. I am a minimalist when it comes to being mobile, whether working on the road, traveling for leisure, and sometimes both. I do not like to keep files on my laptop and I do not, for the most part, like to worry about keeping updated applications on my laptop. I have tried as much as possible to push my life into the cloud. Yes, I travel with a chromebook. Yes, I use online versions of Google Office and Microsoft Office. But, finding ways to do the work I need to do without having to install software was difficult until I found DataJoy.

DataJoy provides environments for developing with R or Python. You can organize your work into projects, and with a paid plan you can sync your files with DropBox and GitHub. Also with a paid plan you can easily collaborate with others on common projects. The basic account with DataJoy is free, which lets you try out DataJoy and get some real work done or do some learning.

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