Characteristics of Good Visual Analytics and Data Discovery Tools

Visual Analytics and Data Discovery allow analysis of big data sets to find insights and valuable information. This is much more than just classical Business Intelligence (BI). See this article for more details and motivation: “Using Visual Analytics to Make Better Decisions: the Death Pill Exa…“. Let’s take a look at important characteristics to choose the right tool for your use cases.

Design for business data visualization with blurred background

Visual Analytics Tool Comparison and Evaluation

Several tools are available on the market for Visual Analytics and Data Discovery. Three of the most well known options are Tableau, Qlik and TIBCO Spotfire. Use the following list to compare and evaluate different tools to make the right decision for your project:

  • Ease-of use and an intuitive user interface for business users to create interactive visualizations
  • Various visualization components such as bar charts, pie charts, histogram, scatter plots, treemaps, trellis charts, and many more
  • Connectivity to various data sources (e.g. Oracle, NoSQL, Hadoop, SAP Hana, Cloud Services)
  • True ad-hoc data discovery: real interactive analysis via drag-and-drop interactions (e.g. restructure tables or link different data sets) instead

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