A TrueCharts automatic and bulk update utility

A easy tool for frequently used TrueNAS SCALE CLI utilities.
Previously known as “trueupdate”

How to install

run pip install truetool

Please be aware you will need to reinstall after every SCALE update

How to Update

run pip install --upgrade truetool

How to use

running truetool should be a good start.

Additional options are available:


  • truetool -h for the CLI help page


  • truetool -u or truetool --update updates TrueNAS SCALE Apps

  • truetool --catalog CATALOGNAME where CATALOGNAME is the name of the catalog you want to process in caps

  • truetool --versioning SCHEME where SCHEME is the highest semver version you want to process. options: patch, minor and major

  • truetool -a or truetool --all updates both




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