Topic Modelling in Natural Language Processing


Natural language processing is the processing of languages used in the system that exists in the library of nltk where this is processed to cut, extract and transform to new data so that we get good insights into it. It uses only the languages that exist in the library because NLP-related things exist there itself so it cannot understand the things beyond what is present in it.

If you do processing on another language then you have to add that language to the existing library. For example, NLP is used in Email Spam filtering where when such data is given then it converts to new data which is understandable by the system and a model is built on it to make predictions on spam or no spam mails. NLP is used in text processing mainly and there are many kinds of tasks that are made easier using NLP. Eg: In chatbots, Autocorrection, Speech Recognition, Language translator, Social media monitoring, Hiring and recruitment, Email filtering, etc.