Stock Price Movement Based On News Headline

Don’t look for the needle in the haystack. Just buy the haystack!

I hope you all are well. Hurray!! finally today our theme is similar to our beautiful quote😅. I always look for new ideas to share my knowledge, because I heard that “Knowledge shared is knowledge squared😊”. Most of you already know something about Share Market. In this article, we will explore something new and interesting. So let’s dig deeper into our today’s theme.

This article is actually based on Natural Language Processing(NLP), here we will create a model which will actually analyze stock price using News Headline. There are various kinds of news articles and based on that the stock price fluctuates. We will analyze the news heading using sentiment analysis using NLP and then we will predict the stock will increase or decrease. It is all about stock sentiment analysis.


Dataset Description

Here I have used the Kaggle dataset. You can directly download it from here. This dataset is a combination of world




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