Sentiment Analysis using NLTK – A Practical Approach

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The ultimate goal of this blog is to predict the sentiment of a given text using python where we use NLTK aka Natural Language Processing Toolkit, a package in python made especially for text-based analysis. So with a few lines of code, we can easily predict whether a sentence or a review(used in the blog) is a positive or a negative review.

Sentiment Analysis using NLTK

Before moving on to the implementation directly let me brief the steps involved to get an idea of the analysis approach. These are namely:

1. Importing Necessary Modules
2. Importing Dataset
3. Data Preprocessing and Visualization
4. Model Building
5. Prediction

So let’s move on focussing each step in detail.

1. Importing Necessary Modules:

So as we all know that it is necessary to import all the modules which we are going to use initially. So let’s do that as the first step of




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