Resume Screening with Natural Language Processing in Python

For each recruitment, companies take out online ads, referrals and go through them manually.

Companies often submit thousands of resumes for every posting.

When companies collect resumes through online advertisements, they categorize those resumes according to their requirements.

After collecting resumes, companies close advertisements and online applying portals.

Then they send the collected resumes to the Hiring Team(s).

It becomes very difficult for the hiring teams to read the resume and select the resume according to the requirement, there is no problem if there are one or two resumes but it is very difficult to go through 1000’s resumes and select the best one.

To solve this problem, today in this article we will read and screen the resume using machine learning with Python so that we can complete days of work in few minutes.

2. What is Resume Screening?

Choosing the right people for the job is the biggest responsibility of every business since choosing the right set of people can accelerate business growth exponentially.

We will discuss here an example of such a business, which we know as the




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