NLP Application: Named Entity Recognition (NER) in Python with Spacy

Natural Language Processing deals with text data. The amount of text data generated these days is enormous. And, this data if utilized properly can bring many fruitful results. Some of the most important Natural Language Processing applications are Text Analytics, Parts of Speech Tagging, Sentiment Analysis, and Named Entity Recognition.

Named Entity Recognition 1

The vast amount of text data contains a huge amount of information. An important aspect of analyzing these text data is the identification of Named Entities.

What is a Named Entity?

A named entity is basically a real-life object which has proper identification and can be denoted with a proper name. Named Entities can be a place, person, organization, time, object, or geographic entity.

For example, named entities would be Roger Federer, Honda city, Samsung Galaxy S10. Named entities are usually instances of entity instances. For example, Roger Federer is an instance of a Tennis Player/person, Honda City is an instance of a car and Samsung Galaxy




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