New Anaphora and Co-reference Resolution Technique for Biographies

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Biographies of many famous personalities are very insightful and inspiring. Although, one may not want to read the whole document. In order to just get the important points from the biography, one can generate a summary of the biography. The summary is generated by giving weights to all the words. Sometimes, anaphoras can be predicted by the machine as a separate word which in return produces a less accurate result. For example, Jai is playing tennis. He plays very well. Here, Jai is taken as one word and he as another in the machine by semantic analysis when both he and Jai are referring to the same person.

Another scenario could be that one is reading a biography and they leave it in between. When they revisit the document, they do not remember who he refers to. Thus, they have no choice but to read the above lines again to understand the references. Anaphora




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