Natural Language Processing Step by Step Guide

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  • Basic understanding of Natural Language Processing.
  • Learn Various Techniques used for the implementation of NLP.
  • Understand how to use NLP for text mining.


  • You must have a basic knowledge of Python.

As we know every piece of data has some meaning in its position. Most important is that text data is getting generated in various formats like reviews, SMS, emails, and many more for every moment. The main purpose of this article is to understand the basic idea of NLP and how it will impact our day-to-day life. So let’s go.


NLP stands for Natural Language Processing, a part of Computer Science, Human Language, and Artificial Intelligence. This technology is used by computers to understand, analyze, manipulate, and interpret human languages.

NLP algorithms are widely used everywhere in areas like Gmail spam, any search, games, and many more.


Why NLP is so important?

  • Text data in a massive amount:

NLP helps machines to interact




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