LSTM for Text Classification in Python

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With an emerging field of deep learning, performing complex operations has become faster and easier. As you start exploring the field of deep learning, you are definitely going to come across words like Neural networks, recurrent neural networks, LSTM, GRU, etc. This article explains LSTM and its use in Text Classification. So what is LSTM? And how can it be used?

What is LSTM?

LSTM stands for Long-Short Term Memory. LSTM is a type of recurrent neural network but is better than traditional recurrent neural networks in terms of memory. Having a good hold over memorizing certain patterns LSTMs perform fairly better. As with every other NN, LSTM can have multiple hidden layers and as it passes through every layer, the relevant information is kept and all the irrelevant information gets discarded in every single cell. How does it do the keeping and discarding you ask?

How does LSTM work?

LSTM has 3 main




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