Introduction to Speech Recognition with Python


Speech recognition, as the name suggests, refers to automatic recognition of human speech. Speech recognition is one of the most important tasks in the domain of human computer interaction. If you have ever interacted with Alexa or have ever ordered Siri to complete a task, you have already experienced the power of speech recognition.

Speech recognition has various applications ranging from automatic transcription of speech data (like voicemails) to interacting with robots via speech.

In this tutorial, you will see how we can develop a very simple speech recognition application that is capable of recognizing speech from audio files, as well as live from a microphone. So, let’s begin without further ado.

Several speech recognition libraries have been developed in Python. However we will be using the SpeechRecognition library, which is the simplest of all the libraries.

Installing SpeechRecognition Library

Execute the following command to install the library:

$ pip install SpeechRecognition

Speech Recognition from Audio Files

In this section, you will see how we can translate speech from an audio file to text. The audio file that we will be using as input can be downloaded from this

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