GUI/CLI Downloader App

NH-DL is (preferably) a GUI utility for downloading from a very special website.
Speaking of this website, this is the perfect time for a…


This tool, that is, NH-DL, is intended for use by adults who are willingly submitting
themself to the possibility that they could potentially view adult (R18) content.

NH-DL is (preferably) a GUI, as well as a command-line downloading utility that offers
the ability to download from the website NHentai without an account, and with relative ease
by simply typing in the “sauce code” (a 6-digit code, uniquely identifying a work), and
pressing the “DL” (Download) button.

NH-DL is currently in it’s early stages, however it is not far from finished.
If you would like to try out NH-DL, grab the latest beta release from the
“Releases” tab.

If you are on




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