Develop a Customer Review Analysis Platform from scratch

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon


When we go to buy anything, what is the one factor that helps us choosing one thing over another? Isn’t it the reviews of that product or service, which represent the brand value?

In the era of digital advancement and e-commence, almost every product or service has an indirect or direct digital presence. Consumers of these products and services leave feedback on these over various mediums which creates a solid long-term momentum for the organization. Hence it is of utmost importance for businesses to understand the customer impression as early as possible and do the necessary course correction if any. The theme of this article is to help businesses approaching this and develop a working prototype(like the below image) with the help of machine learning and cloud technologies.

Customer Review Analysis 1
The final working prototype 

Table of Contents

  • Problem Statement
  • Problem-ML mapping