Automated Spam E-mail Detection Model(Using common NLP tasks)

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Today we are going to understand about basics of NLP with the help of the Email Spam Detection dataset. We see some common NLP tasks that one can perform easily and how one can complete an end-to-end project. Whether you know NLP or not, this guide should help you as a ready reference.

For the dataset used click on the above link or here.

Let’s get started,

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the art and science which helps us extract information from the text and use it in our computations and algorithms.


Problem Statement 

We are going to create an automated spam detection model.

1. Importing Libraries and Dataset:

Importing necessary libraries is the first step of any project.

NOTE: When starting an NLP project for the first time always remember to install an NLTK package and import some useful libraries from




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