Automate NLP Tasks using EvalML Library

“The quality of your communication shapes the quality of your life.”, with this beautiful line let’s s begin and understand what we will learn in this article. In my one of the article, I have explained how to automate machine learning problem statement using EvalML. In this article we will look at “is it possible to automate NLP task using EvalML?”.

What is EvalML?

It is an AutoML library that builds, optimizes, and evaluates machine learning pipelines using domain-specific objective functions. It actually avoids training and tunning of models by hand, it automates everything. Internally it uses data tables, which are 20x faster than data frames. Internally it constructs multiple pipelines that include state-of-the-art preprocessing, feature engineering, feature selection, and a variety of modeling techniques.


Install from PyPI

pip install evalml

Dataset Description: Here in this article we are using the Spam and Ham Dataset which is available here. This dataset having one dependent feature(Category) and one independent feature(Message). We aim to predict




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