How To Know if Your Machine Learning Model Has Good Performance

After you develop a machine learning model for your predictive modeling problem, how do you know if the performance of the model is any good? This is a common question I am asked by beginners. As a beginner, you often seek an answer to this question, e.g. you want someone to tell you whether an accuracy of x% or an error score of x is good or not. In this post, you will discover how to answer this question for […]

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A Gentle Introduction to Model Selection for Machine Learning

Given easy-to-use machine learning libraries like scikit-learn and Keras, it is straightforward to fit many different machine learning models on a given predictive modeling dataset. The challenge of applied machine learning, therefore, becomes how to choose among a range of different models that you can use for your problem. Naively, you might believe that model performance is sufficient, but should you consider other concerns, such as how long the model takes to train or how easy it is to explain […]

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Why Do I Get Different Results Each Time in Machine Learning?

Last Updated on August 27, 2020 Are you getting different results for your machine learning algorithm? Perhaps your results differ from a tutorial and you want to understand why. Perhaps your model is making different predictions each time it is trained, even when it is trained on the same data set each time. This is to be expected and might even be a feature of the algorithm, not a bug. In this tutorial, you will discover why you can expect […]

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