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Relation Prediction as an Auxiliary Training Objective for Improving Multi-Relational Graph Representations

Abstract Learning good representations on multi-relational graphs is essential to knowledge base completion (KBC). In this paper, we propose a new self-supervised training objective for multi-relational graph representation learning, via simply incorporating relation prediction into the commonly used 1vsAll objective. The new training objective contains

Facebook NLP Research

Cross-Policy Compliance Detection via Question Answering

Abstract Policy compliance detection is the task of ensuring that a scenario conforms to a policy (e.g. a claim is valid according to government rules or a post in an online platform conforms to community guidelines). This task has been previously instantiated as a form

Facebook NLP Research

slimIPL: Language-Model-Free Iterative Pseudo-Labeling

Abstract Recent results in end-to-end automatic speech recognition have demonstrated the efficacy of pseudo-labeling for semi-supervised models trained both with Connectionist Temporal Classification (CTC) and Sequence-to-Sequence (seq2seq) losses. Iterative Pseudo-Labeling (IPL), which continuously trains a single model using pseudo-labels iteratively re-generated as the model learns,

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A Two-stage Approach to Speech Bandwidth Extension

August 30, 2021 By: Ju Lin, Yun Wang, Kaustubh Kalgaonkar, Gil Keren, Didi Zhang, Christian Fuegen Abstract Algorithms for speech bandwidth extension (BWE) may work in either the time domain or the frequency domain. Time-domain methods often do not sufficiently recover the high-frequency content of

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SUPERB: Speech Understanding and PERformance Benchmark

August 30, 2021 By: Shu-wen Yang, Po-Han Chi, Yung-Sung Chuang, Cheng-I Lai, Kushal Lakhotia, Yist Y. Lin, Andy T. Liu, Jiatong Shi, Xuankai Chang, Daniel Lin, Tzu-Hsien Huang, Wei-Cheng Tseng, Godic Lee, Darong Liu, Zili Huang, Annie Dong, Shang-Wen Li, Shinji Watanabe, Abdelrahman Mohamed, Hung-yi