Repository for the Bias Benchmark for QA dataset

Repository for the Bias Benchmark for QA dataset.

Authors: Alicia Parrish, Angelica Chen, Nikita Nangia, Vishakh Padmakumar, Jason Phang, Jana Thompson, Phu Mon Htut, and Samuel R. Bowman.

About BBQ

It is well documented that NLP models learnsocial biases present in the world, but littlework has been done to show how these biasesmanifest in actual model outputs for appliedtasks like question answering (QA). We introduce the Bias Benchmark for QA (BBQ), adataset consisting of question-sets constructedby the authors that highlightattestedsocialbiases against people belonging to protectedclasses along nine different social dimensionsrelevant for U.S. English-speaking contexts.Our task evaluates model responses at two distinct levels: (i) given an under-informative context, test how strongly model answers reflectsocial biases, and (ii) given an adequately informative context, test whether the model’s




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