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Network Dynaimcs Simulation For Python

A Final Year Project in CUHK, Autumn 2021 Files param.h edit all the variables & settings here simulate.c the main program to run the network dynaimcs How to use edit variables in param.h place param.h and simulate.c in the same folder compile simulate.c wait for

Unknown Horizons official code repository

Unknown-Horizons based on Fifengine is no longer in development. We are porting it to Godot Engine. Please dont report any new bugs. Only bugfixes will get acepted for maybe an last release. Unknown Horizons is a 2D real time strategy simulation with an emphasis on

Monopoly simulator with python

Original creator: Games Computer Play allows dynamic variable loadingIt is more versitle than .env files example: log=True # disables override logs if False (default True) showMap=True # overrides the showmap=False option in the main file Powershell:get-content log.txt -wait -tail 30 Bash:tail log.txt -f Copyright

Python / C++ based particle reaction-diffusion simulator

ReaDDy ReaDDy (Reaction Diffusion Dynamics) is an open source particle based reaction-diffusion simulator that can be configured and run via Python.Currently supported platforms are Mac and Linux. The preferred way of installing the software is by using the conda package manager: # add conda-forge channel

Learning What To Do by Simulating the Past

Learning What To Do by Simulating the Past This repository contains code that implements the Deep Reward Learning by Simulating the Past (Deep RSLP) algorithm introduced in the paper “Learning What To Do by Simulating the Past”. This code is provided as is, and will

An open-source computational electrodynamics Python simulator

PyCharge PyCharge is an open-source computational electrodynamics Python simulator that can calculate the electromagnetic fields and potentials generated by moving point charges and can self-consistently simulate dipoles modeled as Lorentz oscillators. PyCharge was designed to be accessible for a wide range of use cases: it