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Sathal’s Python Projects Repository

Purpose and Motivation I come from a mainly C Programming Language background and have previous classroom experience with Java through OOP courses. I am interested in learning and gaining familiarity with the Python Programming Language now. This repository mainly serves as a place for me

Fixes your Microphone Level to one specific value

Fixes your Microphone Level to one specific value. A friend of mine has the problem that some programs are setting his microphone level up to 100.Now he can use this script to lower his level automaticly on boot. Open the Project in a IDE of

Formerly Codalab Competitions v2

(formerly Codalab Competitions v2) Installation $ cp .env_sample .env $ docker-compose up -d $ docker-compose exec django ./ migrate $ docker-compose exec django ./ generate_data $ docker-compose exec django ./ collectstatic –noinput You can now login as username “admin” with password “admin” at http://localhost:8000 If